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3 sailors get stranded on an island

3 sailors get stranded on an island and get captured by a cannibal gang

The sailors plead with the king to spare their lives so the king strikes a deal.
He says: “Each if you have to go in the forest and get three of the same fruit”

So the sailors go into the forest. The first sailor comes back with 3 kiwis.
The king then tells him: “Now stick all three up your ass and if you make a sound you lose your life!”
The sailor does as he’s told and as he puts the second kiwi in he screams in agony.
So he loses his life.

The second sailor comes back with three grapes and the king tells him the same thing.
So the second sailor starts putting the grapes up his ass and as he is about to put the third grape in he suddenly he starts laughing hysterically.
The king asks: “What happened, you were doing so well!”

The second sailor replies: “I’m sorry but I just saw the third guy walk out of the forest with 3 pineapples!”


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