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A little girl that didn’t know

A little girl that didn’t know what cursing or what mating was.

Two nights before thanksgiving, she heard her parents make love.

Her father said: “Oh honey, I love your luscious chest.” Then her mother said:

“And I love your slim tool!” The next morning, the girl asked her father what “luscious melons” were.

The father panicked. “It’s a fine coat.”

He said. The little girl then asked her mother what a “slim tool” is.

The mother panicked and said: “It’s a pair of boots.”

The next morning was thanksgiving, she walked past her father shaving in the bathroom.

He cut him self and exclaimed: “Oh, shit!”

The little girl asked what shit meant.

“I’m shaving right now, sweety” said her father.

Then the girl went into the kitchen where her mother was cooking the turkey.

She accidentally dropped it on the floor and said: “Oh,bang!” “What does bang mean?” Asked the little girl.

“I’m cooking the turkey right now, sweety.” replied her mother.

Then the door bell rang. Her mother told her to go open the door and welcome the thanksgiving guests.

The little girl walked up, opened the door and said: “Hello everyone!

Hang up your luscious melons, drop your slim tool, my dad’s upstairs shitting and my mum’s lovemaking the turkey.


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