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A Londoner meets a stereotypical American

A Londoner meets a stereotypical American redneck

The redneck tells him: “Why don’t y’all like guns? They’re completely safe!
See, I have mine in my safe next to my bed,
I know the passcode so well I can take my gun and kill any intruder in half a second!”

The Londoner replies: “Really? Is it truly that safe?”

The redneck replies: “Sure! I’ll give you as much time as you want to crack the safe!
If you do it, I’ll give you some of that tea stuff y’all seem to like!”

The Londoner, excited by this offer agrees, after a few seconds the Londoner already cracked the safe.

The redneck, comes out in anger and yells: “How the hell did you find the passcode so quickly?
Are you a bank robber?”

“No.” Replies the Londoner:
“I’m a historian, and I just guessed correctly that your passcode, is 1776.”


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