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A philosopher was strolling through

A philosopher was strolling through the forest with a disciple, discussing the importance of unexpected encounters.

According to the philosopher, everything around us provides us with an opportunity to learn or to teach.

At that moment, they passed the gate of a small farm which, although well situated, appeared to be extremely run down.

“Just look at this place,” said the disciple.

“You’re quite right what I learn from this is that many people live in Paradise, but are not even aware that they do and continue to live in the most miserable conditions.”

“I said learn and teach,” retorted the philosopher.

“It is never enough simply to notice what is going on, you must also find out the causes, because we can only understand the world when we understand the causes.”

They knocked on the door and were received by the inhabitants: a couple and their three children, all dressed in ragged, dirty clothes.

“You live in the middle of the forest with no shops anywhere around,” said the philosopher to the father of the family

“How do you survive here?”

The man very calmly replied: “My friend, we have a cow who gives us several litres of milk every day some of this we sell or exchange in the neighboring town for other food, and with the remainder we make cheese, yogurt and butter for ourselves and that is how we survive.”

The philosopher thanked him for this information, looked at the place for a few moments and then left.


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