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Eliza says to the other two

Eliza says to the other two, “You know girls, my husband bought me the most wonderful jewelry for our anniversary.

A lavish diamond necklace and some beautiful earrings.”

“How wonderful!” Josephine says.

Isabelle responds, “That’s nice, real nice.”

Josephine then says to the other two, “Well my husband spared no expense for our anniversary he took us on a beautiful trip to the Bahamas.”

“Amazing!” Responds Eliza.

“That’s nice, real nice.” Isabelle says.

Eliza and Josephine look to Isabelle.

“What did your husband get you for your anniversary?” asks Eliza.

“He bought me lessons in southern etiquette classes.” Isabelle says.

“Etiquette classes?” Eliza says.

“What did you learn there?” asks Josephine.

“Well,” says Isabelle, “I used to say, ‘I DON’T GIVE A RATS BUM.’ but now I say,

‘That’s nice, real nice.’”


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