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In a neighbourhood

In a neighbourhood, there was a brothel closing down and selling or giving away furniture.
Alongside the furniture was a parrot that was left behind, which had earned an experience from looking around and hearing stuff there.
So an elderly wife with two children, a son and a daughter, decided to go and look for any good deals there.
As she was looking around she found the parrot that was being sold so she decided she would buy and take the parrot home because it would’ve been a pity if she left it behind.

So she took the parrot home and left it at the kitchen in its cage.

So later on the wife went to take something to eat from the fridge. The parrot goes:

“New bawd I see”

Later the daughter went to make some coffee.

“New hoe I see”

After that, the son went to get some water

“New pimp I see”

And then the dad went to make something to eat. The parrot goes:

“New bawd, pimp and hoe but at least John is still here


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