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Three men are playing golf

Three men are playing golf at a Country Club: Obi Wan Ken-obi, Darth Maul and a very old man.

Obi Wan tees off and hits his ball in the sand trap.

He mind controls his candy to mark it a h*le-in-one.

Next Darth Maul hits his ball and it lands in the rough.

He walks over to his ball and uses the Force to throw it on the green.

Finally, the old man hits his ball over the trees and, into the parking lot, onto a parked car.

The man lifts the car using the Force and brings the car to the green and drops the car on green, the ball then falls of the car and into the h*le.

Obi Wan turns to Darth Maul and says, “Damn, I hate playing with Yoda!”


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