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Two guys walking through the woods

Two guys walking through the woods come upon a railroad trestle.

They peer over the edge and cannot see the bottom at all.

One of the two grabs a rock and throws it off the side.

As they both listen – they hear nothing. In shock at how deep it is – they go find an even bigger rock and toss it off the edge.

Same result. Nada. Nothing. No sound

They find a huge boulder and it takes both of them to drag it to the edge and push it over.

Same result again.

A few seconds later there is a noise coming from the woods and a goat is running full speed – then jumps off the trestle and disappears into the abyss.

In utter disbelief in what happened – a man approaches and asks of the two guys have seen a goat. They start laughing and tell the man about what they saw.

He said – no way – he was tied to a huge boulder


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