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A golfer was having a tough day

A golfer was having a tough day and in his frustration he blurted out, “I would give anything for a birdie on this h*le.”

A nearby stranger walked out of the woods beside the h*le and whispered, “If you give up one quarter of your make love life, I guarantee you will make this shot.”

The golfer said “OK.”

He made the shot for birdie.

A few h*les later, he was having trouble on another h*le.

“Please, let me make this for eagle” he said.

Again, the stranger stepped up to him and said, “If you give up another quarter of your make love life, you will make eagle.”

“You’re on,” the golfer said, and made the shot for eagle.

On the eighteenth hole, the golfer needed an eagle to win.

The stranger again stepped up and said “If you give up the last half of your lovemaking life, you will make eagle to win.”

“OK,” the golfer said, and made his shot for eagle, winning the round.

As he was walking back to the clubhouse, the stranger walked up beside him and said, “I think I should inform you that I am the Devil, and from now on you will have no lovemaking life.”

The golfer turned to him, smiled, and said, “Nice to meet you, my name is Father O’Malley!”


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