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The cop pulled over an old lady

A cop was hiding in his usual spot when he saw a car speed by at 90 mph.

Quickly turning on his sirens, the cop pulled over an old lady.

“License and registration please” said the cop in a tough voice.

“I’m sorry” responded the lady “I forgot to ask him where he keeps his registration before I shot him.”

“You what!” Hollered the cop nervously holding onto his gun.”

I shot him” she responded “I stuck him in the trunk if you want to see.”

Within 2 minutes there were 8 police cars pulled up behind her and a police talking into a megaphone “Come out of the car with your hands up.”

While one cop watched the lady, another opened the trunk.

“Um mam” said the second cop “there’s no dead man in this trunk.”

“Well why would there be?” she asked.

“Excuse me,” said another cop, “this car seems to be registered in your name?”

“Well why wouldn’t it be” repeated the lady.

“Well,” they both responded “the cop said that you told him you killed the owner and put him in the trunk.”

“Humph” said the old lady with a wave of her hand, “I bet that old liar told you I was speeding to!”


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