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There are three girls at a bar

There are three girls at a bar, a red head, a brunette, and a blonde.

They have a seat at the bar.

The bar tender says, “If you go into the bathroom there is a mirror. Look into the mirror and tell anything in your life that you believe is true. If you are telling the truth then “POOF” a hundred dollars pops out, if you lie then “POOF” you’ll disappear.”

So the red head goes in first and stares deeply into the mirror and proclaims, “I think that i am the most beautiful woman in the world!”, “POOF” a hundred dollars pops out.

Then the brunette goes in. “I think that i am the smartest woman in the world,” “POOF” a hundred dollars pops out.

Now it’s the blonde’s turn.

She slowly walks into the bathroom with her hands over her eyes and peeks between her fingers at the mirror.

She waits… nothing happens… she is glad.

She stands bravely and states, “I think… “POOF ” she disappears.


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