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There was once a mysterious man

There was once a mysterious man, six feet and seven inches tall who had ventured his way to the freezing north.

Desperate for money in an unfamiliar land, he thought of an idea.

He sat down in the middle of the street, and put up a sign.

It said: ‘Bring excitement to my face, and I’ll give you $1,000,000.

But if you fail, you give me $1.’

Soon, pedestrians started taking a chance on this strong, young man’s bet.

They stood on their hands and did backflips, but to no avail.

Dollar by dollar, the man started accumulating his wealth.

The legend of the unexcitable man soon spread all across the lakeshore.

A solider fired his machine gun in front of our mystery man, but got no reaction.

An ant deadlifted an elephant, but got no reaction.

A woman brought a talking dog to him, but he still showed no emotion.

Years later, after becoming a multimillionaire, the tall man finally took the sign down with his freakishly large hands. It was over.

No one had ever won the bet.

A young girl walked up to him and asked, ‘How were you able to maintain your focus for so long?

What did you think to yourself in your many years of silence?’

The man finally cracked a smile and said, ‘bored man gets paid.’


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