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Two men were sitting in a pub drinking

One sunny day, two men were sitting in a pub drinking pints of lager, when one turned to the other and said: “You see that man over there? He looks just like me! I think I’m gonna go over there and talk to him”.

So, he went over to the man and tapped him on the shoulder

“Excuse me, sir,” he started

“But I noticed you look just like me!”

The second man turned around and said: “Yeah, I noticed the same thing, where you from?”

“I’m from Brisbane,” the man said: Stunned

The second man said: “Me too! What street do you live on?”

“McCarthy Street.” The second man replied: “Me too! What number is it?”

The first man said: “162”

The second man replied in shock: “Me too! What are your parents’ names?”

“Bruce and Shannon!”

The second man was awestruck and said: “Mine too! This is unbelievable!”

So, they bought another round and continued talking as the bartenders changed shifts

The new bartender came in, walked up to his colleague and asked:

“What’s new today?”

“Oh, not much

The Murphy twins are drunk again.”


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