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Harry and Sam were going for a stroll

Harry and his buddy Sam were going for a stroll.

“Sam” said Harry “You know my wife?”

“Sure do” said Sam.

“Well she ain’t gonna be my wife anymore! Right after the weekend it’s gonna be over! I’m divorcing her!”

Sam was aghast, “Harry, I can’t believe it! You seemed to get along so well together! And she seemed like such a nice wife too!”

Harry stopped walking and and turned to Sam.

“Sam, take a look at the loafers I’m wearing. Don’t they look comfy? They have a nice stylish shape, and they look mighty comfortable. Don’t they Sam?”

“They do Harry” said Sam, “but I’m not quite sure what you are getting at.”

“Well guess what Sam?” said Harry raising his voice, “I’m the only one who knows that they are pinching my darn feet!!!”


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