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Jim first time leaving Europe

So it was Jim first time leaving Europe, he was excited about visiting America and expanding his horizons.

Excuse me, said a woman to him at the airport.

Do you happen to be traveling to America?

As a matter of fact I am responded Jim.

Do me a favor, my husband left to America 2 months ago and I haven seen or heard from him since.

If you meet a fellow named John Dun, tell him to call his wife.

Jim happily complied and was on his way.

He was barely in America for a hour when he saw a big building with the words Dun Watches, Wow! thought Jim that was easy.

Jim walked into the building and asked the lady behind the desk do you have a John here? Second door on the left, was her reply.

Jim saw a man walking out of the door drying his hands are you Dun? he asked.

Yes came the mystified reply.

Call your wife, said Jim, she been waiting to hear from you.


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