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Johnny catch’s parents having lovemaking

Little Johnny is walking around and peaks in his parents room, catching them having lovemaking so he asks,

“What are you guys doing?” and they reply “Nothing, nothing! we’re just uh, making cake” and they send him away.

So he continues walking around and he hears some strange noises coming from his brothers room so he walks in and catches his brother and his brothers girlfriend having lovemaking and then asks him “What are you guys doing?”

And his brother yells “Get out! were making cake!”

So Johnny leaves and goes to his room.

The next day the whole family is at the dinner table and Little Johnny turns to his sister and says,

“So, you and your boyfriend were making cake last night huh!”

And she replies “OMG! Hows you know!?!?” and

Johnny replies, “Because, I licked the icing off the couch” ayyyyyy.


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