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One day a man decides he wants

One day, a man decides he wants to host a costume party.

He decides that he wants an emotion-themed party so he sends out all his invitations, telling his guests to dress as their favorite emotions.

On the night of the party, his doorbell rings, and he opens the door to find his friend dressed in red.

“I’m here for the party” says his friend. “I’m red, because I’m angry”.

The host welcomes his friend, and goes back to his party.

A little while later, the doorbell rings again.

The man opens the door, and is greeted by a man in a green morph suit.

“I’m here for the party” says the guest, “and I’m green with envy”.

The man welcomes this person in as well.

A short time later, the doorbell rings again.

At the door are two undressed men.

One has his weapon in a hollowed-out pear, and the other has his tool in a bowl of custard.

The man is dumbfounded.

“This is an emotion costume party, I am afraid that I can’t let you in dressed like that”.

The man with a pear on his weapon says in a deep-south accent; “we are dressed as emotions. Can we come in?”

“OK, you can come in if you can tell me how you are possibly dressed as emotions”, says the man.

“Well, you see, I am deep in dis’ pear, and my friend here… Well… He is bang’ dis’ custard”.


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