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Relationship Jokes

Sally walked in to the Dentist office

Sally walked in to the Dentist office to make an appointment.

“How much do you charge to pull out a tooth?” she asked.”

“It’s $130”, was the prompt reply.

“$130!” gasped Sally, that’s ridiculous!

There must be a way for you to go cheaper.

“Well,” said the Dentist thoughtfully, I suppose if we don’t numb it, we could knock off $30.

“Only $30?,” countered Sally, “that’s still $100, you’ve got to make it cheaper.”

“Well,” said the Dentist after a long pause, “I suppose if we take it out with a wrench we could knock it down to $50.”

“Perfect”, said Sally happily. “I would like to make an appointment for next Tuesday, for my husband Jack.”


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