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A man goes to the circus

A man goes to the circus and sees a line of people.

It extends far into the distance.

The man walks up to a person in the line and asks him, “Sir, what is this line for?”

The person replies, “Go to the front.”

So the man walks up the line. and he keeps walking, and walking, but the line never ends.

He gets tired of this and decides to ask another person what it’s for.

So he goes to the nearest person and asks him, “Sir, what is this line for?”

The person replies, “Go to the front.”

The man thinks about this for a moment, he wants to go back, but he is already quite far down the line.

“Shurley,” he thinks to himself, “The front must be just around one more bend.”

So he continues to walk down the line in search of the front.

After following it to the exit of the circus, he stops again.

Seeing how it leaves the place he paid money to get into he gets frustrated.

So he asks another person, “Sir, could you please tell me what this line is for?”

The person replies, “Go to the front.”

This gets the man very frustrated and he yells, “Well where is the front!?!”

The person replies, “Far out in the desert, many many miles away.”

The man implores further, “Can I get there at all?”

The person replies, “You can get there three days time on foot, but by vehicle it would be impossible.”

So the man sets off into the dessert, determined to find the front and what it’s for.

He hikes for many miles, over boulders, thru for rest, up and down canyon walls, warding off wolves and bears with nothing but his hands.

Finally, after three days time he comes to the front of the line.

There at the front, is a small booth with a cardboard sign, next to the sign is and old man in a hawaiian t-shirt and sunglasses.

The people in the line walk up to him, give him a wad of cash, he punches them, and then they start walking back towards the beginning of the line.

The man walks up to the Old man and asks him, “Sir, what is this line for?”

The Old Man turns soberly to him and says, “Son, after a long time in life you’ll learn something.”

“What?” says the man.

The old man replies, “Every joke needs a punch line.”


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