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An ant is lying in its deathbed in North Korea

An ant is lying in its deathbed in North Korea.

He calls his son and says he wanted to tell him something for a long time.

Son Ant : What is it dad?

Father Ant : I cannot say that in this god forbidden country we have to move immediately to France or Italy before i am dead.

Confused,the Son Ant made arrangements to move to France.
They boarded a spy ship which took them to south Korea.From there they boarded a flight to France.With great difficulty they finally reached France.
The father ant’s health became worse.The son ant was thinking what was so important that they had to move to another country, So when they settled in their new home he finally asked..

Son Ant : Dad, We are in France now you can tell whatever he was going to tell him.
The Father could not speak up so he signaled his son to come closer.The son did.

Father Ant: Son, We are now Europeants.


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