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A young lady meet a man in a pub

A young lady meet a handsome young man in a pub, after some drinks and a little tipsy the young lady said to the young man, “My mouth is like a loud speaker, my two melons are for tuning, left one is for tuning the channel AM or FM and my right melons is for tuning bass and treble depending which mode you want.”

The young man was aroused by the young lady expression, and said to the lady, “I don’t believe it.”

Young lady said, “You can try it if you want”.

Young man said, “OK come to my hotel room and prove it to me.”

They agreed and both holding hands and headed for the hotel room.

Upon entering the room the young lady undressed herself and soon the young man start feeling the left melons for AM/FM fine-tuning.

After a while nothing happen.

He changed to the right melons and start rubbing with greater pressure.

Again, nothing happened.

The young man soon gave up and ask the lady, “Hello sweetie, after I have tuned your AM/FM and treble/bass melons there are no response.”

The young lady replied, “You forgot to plug in your power.”


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