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She got to the pearly gates

She got to the pearly gates to find an angel waiting.

“What do I have to do to get in?,” she asked.

“You just have to spell a word,” the angel replied.

“That doesn’t sound bad, what word do I have to spell?”


Relieved, the woman quickly fired off, “L-O-V-E”.

The angel nodded and opened the gate.

Many months passed and one day the angel guarding the gate approached the woman and asked if she would mind watching the gate for the day.

The woman agreed and assumed her post while she’s there, a man approached the gate, and it was none other than her husband!

“Oh, my love!,” she cried, “What has happened to you so soon?”

“My dear, I was a wreck the day you left me, I fell into a deep depression that couldn’t be beaten when you were in that accident, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I could do nothing but mourn for you,” he said.

“I hope you eventually were able to move on and not live with that pain for too long,” she consoled.

“Actually,” he replied, “There was a nurse that took wonderful care of you, and me as well! We eventually became very close, and she helped me so much.

I eventually asked her to marry me we were on our honeymoon when I got into a terrible skiing accident that’s why I’m here! So… what do I have to do to get in?”

“You simply have to spell a word,” she informed him.

“That’s it? What a relief! What word do I have to spell?,” he inquired.


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